Week 33 – Experimenting with Cross Processing

52 rolls

52-rolls-week-33-018I have quite a bit of slide film in both 120 and 35mm in my film fridge and as most of it has expired I have embarked on a sort of project where I and going to cross process most of it over the next few months.52-rolls-week-33-013I bought a C41 processing kit and so far I have shot 4 rolls, this is the 1st offering.

52-rolls-week-33-007It is Fuji Velvia RVP 100 that was shot on my Mamiya 645 and 45mm f2.8

I developed the roll using the alternative dev process of 30 degrees rather than 38 degrees as I find I get a more consistent and even development.

I did notice a slight magenta edge to some of the frames that I didn’t get when processing C41 film so I am not sure what is the cause whether its the expired film or the way I have been developing?

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Week 32 – A week early to the #FP4Party ….

52 rolls

52 Rolls - week 32-004Starting this week there is a sort of Twitter event/project thing going on called FP4Party which involves shooting a roll of ilford FP4 during the 1st week of the month then post the results in the 3rd week on twitter and tag the images #FP4Party.

Details can be found out in these links @FP4Party and emulsive.org/articles/introducing-fp4party

Anyway I shot this roll a week early as it was already in my Nikon F80 and my intention was to shoot sort of wide open and sort of close up stuff, the weather as usual for summer in Wales was rubbish so I pushed the FP4 to 200 and went out for a walk.52 Rolls - week 32-I shot with the 50mm f1.8 which shoots reasonably close, well close enough for what I was trying to achieve anyway.52 Rolls - week 32--852 Rolls - week 32--4I must admit FP4 is not my goto B&W film mainly due to it not being as…

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Fujifilm Zoomdate …. a Bargain Point & Shoot ……

R1-03120-0014I am always looking in charity shops and on ebay for camera bargains but unlike 18 months or so ago , bargain finds are few and far between.

It seems that the prices of old cameras is rising (due to demand as more people seem to be getting into film).

A few weeks back I bid on a little Fuji point & shoot on ebay and to my surprise I picked it up for £3, I wasn’t really expecting to much from it but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes it was plastic but the handling and overall feel of the camera was really nice in fact it was very reminiscent of my 1st ever Fuji digital camera.20160825_194502_00120160825_194518I loaded it with a roll of expired XP2 and shot with it over a 3 week period, mainly snapshots but I tried to give it a varied runout.R1-03120-0001R1-03120-0002R1-03120-0019When I got the scans back from @film_dev I was very pleased, I know that they are not going to win any awards but as a test of how the little camera performed they were great.

I think if I use a good, fresh roll of something like Ektar the images would shine, the lens seems pretty sharp at both ends of the zoom range.

As its a fully automatic camera I have no idea what the aperture/shutter setting were so these may all have been shot at f8 and above.R1-03120-0033 R1-03120-0025 R1-03120-0003 R1-03120-0010I usually keep my Nikon L35AF in my bag as my goto point & shoot as its a brilliant camera but compared to this its quite big and a little bulky, this little Fuji is nice and compact/light while still feeling good in my hand.

So I think I will keep this in my bag and put a few more rolls through it.

The fact that it has a zoom gives it the edge for versatility over the Nikon.R1-03120-0013 R1-03120-0008 R1-03120-0006

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Thanks for looking … I also have a “Film Only” blog over at  usingfilm.wordpress.com if you want to take a look:-)

Week 30 … New lens for my Mamiya 645

52 rolls

52 Rolls - week 30-0009-I love shooting my Mamiya 645 it’s a lovely handling camera and I find it easier to compose my images in the 6×4.5 format but I seem to be shooting more and more landscape stuff and find the 80mm lens not wide enough.

I happened to mention to a fellow photographer while in a twitter conversation that my next purchase will be a wide angle lens he said that he had one that he was looking to sell … the Mamiya-Sekor 45mm f2.8 N

I said that I would be interested in the next couple of weeks and he suggested that he would send it to me to try for a few weeks and if I was happy I could then pay for it.

I am amazed that a person that I have never met trusted me to try out his lens and pay later it’s great that he knew…

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Week 29 …. Bronica SQai, some T-Max and a new Fixing test

52 rolls

img009I went for a nice 7 mile walk on Saturday morning right to the top of the valley I live and according to my runkeeper app I reached a climb of 2700 ft which is a record for me especially as I have ben recently diagnosed with bloody arthritis in both my feet.

Last week read and retweeted a post from a fellow film photographer about a different way that he fixes his negatives that I thought I would give a go … here is the link .. http://www.matthewthompson.ca/2-step-fixing-for-black-and-white-film/

img004I took out my Bronica SQai with the 40mm f4 and a roll of Kodak T-Max 400 that I shot at box speed and processed in ilfotec HC.

The new fixing method involved basically double fixing, I won’t go into specifics as you can read the original blog post.

At 1st glance as I checked the film out of the Developing tank I…

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