Week 30 … New lens for my Mamiya 645

52 rolls

52 Rolls - week 30-0009-I love shooting my Mamiya 645 it’s a lovely handling camera and I find it easier to compose my images in the 6×4.5 format but I seem to be shooting more and more landscape stuff and find the 80mm lens not wide enough.

I happened to mention to a fellow photographer while in a twitter conversation that my next purchase will be a wide angle lens he said that he had one that he was looking to sell … the Mamiya-Sekor 45mm f2.8 N

I said that I would be interested in the next couple of weeks and he suggested that he would send it to me to try for a few weeks and if I was happy I could then pay for it.

I am amazed that a person that I have never met trusted me to try out his lens and pay later it’s great that he knew…

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Week 29 …. Bronica SQai, some T-Max and a new Fixing test

52 rolls

img009I went for a nice 7 mile walk on Saturday morning right to the top of the valley I live and according to my runkeeper app I reached a climb of 2700 ft which is a record for me especially as I have ben recently diagnosed with bloody arthritis in both my feet.

Last week read and retweeted a post from a fellow film photographer about a different way that he fixes his negatives that I thought I would give a go … here is the link .. http://www.matthewthompson.ca/2-step-fixing-for-black-and-white-film/

img004I took out my Bronica SQai with the 40mm f4 and a roll of Kodak T-Max 400 that I shot at box speed and processed in ilfotec HC.

The new fixing method involved basically double fixing, I won’t go into specifics as you can read the original blog post.

At 1st glance as I checked the film out of the Developing tank I…

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Day out to Mumbles with some Ilford Delta 100 ….

img014-EditI had to pay a visit to a doctors in Swansea the other week to have a Steroid injection in my foot in the hope to ease the pain from arthritis and as I was not sure where it was or how long it would take we popped along on a Sunday morning just to get my bearings.

It was pretty easy to find and didn’t take to long so we decided to carry on along the Gower coast to Mumbles, somewhere we have not been since the kids were little.img001-EditWhen we left the weather was pretty poor and was still pretty gloomy when we arrived but the clouds dispersed and we got some lovely sunshine now and again which was nice as I had some ilford Delta 100 in the Canon T90 with the 50mm f1.4img017-EditThere was not a lot to do there really as the Pier was shut for renovations but I did manage to get some nice shots.img011-EditI have not shot Delta 100 very much unlike 400 which I quite like and I was very happy with the results, the grain is very smooth and the tonal range is great, not as contrasty as my favorite HP5 but hey …. horses for courses.img005-Editimg006-Editimg015-EditI may push the next roll that I use just to see if I can bump up the contrast a bit, I could do it in Lightroom after the scans but I try to leave the scans pretty much as I get them with a bit of dust spotting and slight tweaks.img037-Edit img021 img019 img018-Edit img009-Edit img007-EditAll in all it was a nice day and I was happy with the T90, 50mm and Delta combo.

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ilford HP5 @ 1600 …. I love the look ….

img015-EditAs a follow up to my recent post “Fathers Day” on the 52 Rolls project blog …. link in post below.

Here is the rest of the roll that I shot with my F80 and some HP5 at 1600 iso which I love shooting at even more than box speed.img012Even though the grain is more pronounced it does not impair the image in fact in my opinion it ready adds to the look that I love when shooting B&W.

The sharpness of the images also compares well to when shooting box speed too, the only slight drawback is the slight loss of shadow detail but if scanning there is a bit more you can do to the image whereas in the darkroom (I am not a master printer) it is a bit harder to do.img016I did a few test prints in my darkroom of the top image of this post and the level of detail in the negative/print is very good and so is the overall tonal range.

I did get a little more detail in the scan and would also get a slightly sharper print if I went the inkjet route but there is something much more satisfying printing in the darkroom.IMG_20160627_194001Overall I think that HP5 looks great at 1600 iso and gives me the look I love in my B&W, the grain/contrast and sharpness. I process all my B&W films using ilfotec HC so I don’t know if it would look better or worse using other developers and I may try a few others in the near future.img014img024img023img022img019-Editimg018img013img011click on an image to view larger …..

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